Central Arkansas Alumnae Chapter

Delta ACademy

Catching the Dreams of Tomorrow

Named in honor of Dr. Betty Shabazz, Delta Academy, a national initiative of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., is a concerted effort to save our young females from the perils of academic failure, low self-esteem, and crippled futures. Delta Academy provides educational enrichment and personalized attention for African American girls between the ages of 11 and 14. Involvement in Delta Academy provides an opportunity to enrich and enhance the education that young teens receive in our service areas.

The Goal of Delta Academy

The primary goal of Delta Academy is to prepare these young women for full participation in the 21st century world. Programming provides participants with supervised and structured experiences that seek to broaden their world view.

Activities include:

– Self-esteem and etiquette workshops
– Improvement of academic performance and exposure to colleges and/or universities
– Awareness of technological skills
– Opportunities for leadership and service
– Special outings to cultural events

A symbol for the Dr. Betty Shabazz Academy is the Native American Dream Catcher. It is believed to possess the power to capture bad dreams, entangling them in the web, thus allowing good dreams to pass through to the center of the dream hoop into the person’s being.